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Andover Connecticut USACreated 04/01/2007 22:05:59  Updated 24/02/2008 15:21:39
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Andover Connecticut Town Sign
The Town of Andover in east central Connecticut is on some of the lands granted in 1663 to Captain John Mason, covers 15.6 sq. miles and is home to 3,036 residents.

Andover was named after Andover UK & Andover Massachusetts

The area remained wilderness until 1718. The settlers began to petition for parish privileges in 1743 as a result of difficulties travelling over swamps and hills to meetings in Coventry, Hebron or Lebanon.

It took until 1747 for the bill that created the parish to be enacted. Andover's principal industries include agriculture and small wood and machine shops.

The lake is called Andover Lake and is man made.

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