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Andover Kansas USACreated 04/01/2007 21:59:57  Updated 24/02/2008 15:33:27
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Tornado in Andover Kansas

Andover is in Butler County in Kansas. Andover was named after Andover UK & Andover Massachusetts. In 1998 the population was 5200

Ephrain Waggoner homesteaded the original plot on which Andover was built under a title given to him by President U.S.Grant.

In 1880 Mr. Waggoner deeded 40 acres for the purpose of building a town and, thus, "Cloud City"was legally established in February 1880.

On June 7, 1880, the name was legally changed from Cloud City to Andover. It was said that Mr.Cloud and the railroad had a falling out.

The Andover State Bank was incorporated in 1916 with Earl Tannera its first president.

On April 26, 1991, a huge black tornado roared across open fields near Andover and then took a sudden turn to the east.

The twister, captured on videotape and now often televised as an example of a devastating tornado, chewed its way through the south part of Andover into the Golden Spur Mobile Home Park.

Thirteen people died in Andover that day. Dozens were injured, more than 350 homes were destroyed and property losses were counted in the millions of dollars.


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