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Facts about Andoverís new community facility
I WAS slightly dismayed to read the comment in last week's edition that users of the Lower Guildhall had not been consulted about the name of the new community facility in Union Street. The new facility needed a name, simply so that people could refer to it easily. The Rendezvous' was chosen, afte
Donation makes a real difference
ON behalf of the local charity for the visually impaired, Andover VIPs, Iwould like to thank the dedicated team of the Corporate Affairs department of Simplyhealth for their magnificent sum of £3,318.11. The team held a mammoth internal auction and provided a contribution from their Community Fund.
Support can make village a better place
I WAS delighted to read that long-term parish councillor Ken Beard would like to open a discussion to make the whole village an alcohol free zone. Our village has a bad name because of the litter lying around every morning near the main Ludgershall road and most secondary roads. There is no doubt
Tidworth War Memorial
I FIND myself somewhat confused. I refer to the statement made by Councillor Andrew Connolly, when he stated that Tidworth does not have a war memorial. I beg to differ. On Sunday 22 March 1998, Lieutenant General J F Deverell OBE (the then Deputy Commander in Chief Land) unveiled Tidworth's war me
Garden Chemicals
What Should You Do With Left Over Dangerous Chemicals

What do the local authority tell you to do with them?

What arrangements have they made to deal with the problem?
Cup of Tea
I havenít managed to find a place for a decent cuppa yet!

A Dog is for life
The dog I grew up with had been looked after by my parents while his owners were on holiday. Afterwards he ran back to our house whenever he could, until his owners asked my parents to keep him. So I grew up with Billy. He died aged 15 years and I still remember putting my head down on my school des

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